Monday, March 4, 2013

Update: What's Next After Downton, and More

First, thanks for giving me my biggest month of web traffic since I started!  And in February, no less.  

Here is what is happening, or will be happening, with this blog:

We Have Twitter!  I've joined that strange new (or maybe not-so new) phenomenon of stating my thoughts in 140 characters or less.  My Twitter account is here for anyone who wants to be informed of a new post, or for anyone who wants to read my random thoughts on random things.

Movie Musicals Series Will Continue.  I have several more entries planned for the Movie Musicals That Got It Right/Wrong Series, which will be sprinkled about in the coming months.  The first one on the agenda is that musical you either love or hate, RENT.

Before There Was Downton...  I am also planning to look at a series that I briefly mentioned in one of my Downton Abbey recaps, Manor House.  Manor House presents a far less benign picture of the Edwardian upstairs/downstairs relationship, as seen through the eyes of people living in today's world.  I'm not sure yet whether I'll recap each episode or do one large overview.  I remember enjoying the series when it premiered on PBS, but I'll have to watch a few episodes to see whether they are interesting enough to be recapped separately.

I would do Upstairs/Downstairs, of course, if there weren't 68 episodes.  And that's not even counting the new series...

As For Recapping Other Series...  I haven't ruled out recapping other series in the future; I'm just not sure which one it will be.  I love Game of Thrones, but I'm not sure I want to make a fantasy-heavy series the focal point of this blog.  Nor do I want to be just the thousandth person to recap the show.  Recapping can take a lot of energy, always having to find new and witty things to say, and I might prefer to do it for a slightly less well-known show that I love.  We'll see.  Anyway, if I recapped Game of Thrones, I would probably spend time complaining about how much Season Three differs from A Storm of Swords and when is the next A Song of Ice and Fire book coming out, anyway?!  However, I could still write standalone essays about Game of Thrones, or Mad Men or some other series, if I were so inclined.

Update On My Novel.  I have finished my novel (sounds of cheering).  I actually finished it a month ago, and have been doing a read-through and making revisions here and there.  The process is by no means complete, but I polished it to the point where it could be read by someone in publishing.  Such person is reading it right now.  I don't know whether her publishing company is the best fit, but if she likes it, hopefully she can at least refer me to an agent.  That alone would be huge.  I once spent much time trying to get an agent in Hollywood for my teleplays, which was like beating my head against a brick wall until my skull cracked open.  Hopefully this process will be, er, kinder.  I am wise and cynical enough to know that whatever happens, the road to publication won't be an easy one, even if I decide to self publish.  I need to think long term.  

What Is This "Novel" Thing You Speak Of, and Why Should I Care?  Oh yes, that.  I mentioned in past posts that I was writing a novel set during the Victorian era, the 1860s.  It falls into the "country house Brit lit" genre, but I'd like to think eludes easy stereotyping.  The very simple synopsis is that it is about a daughter of a wealthy family who is suddenly thrust into the mistress role after her mother's death.  As she and her family grieve, she decides to investigate certain harmful rumors about her mother and get even with those who spread them.  That makes it sound almost like The Godfather, but it's not really that, either.  I suppose the only reason you should care is that I will post periodic updates of my progress as it happens (or doesn't), and may post chapter snippets in the future.

Other Plans For the Blog.  I want to go back to writing some social commentary posts.  Not that I don't enjoy writing about media, but sometimes I just want to bitch about things, you know?  These types of posts will be intermixed with my media-related posts.  I might turn them into a series, like Unpopular Opinions, which would encompass both social and media-related things.

I also intend to critique some novels, though not a lot because I don't read a lot of popular fiction.  So you will never see me comment on Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey, though I might write something about the Hunger Games series, particularly the underrated Mockingjay.

'Til next time!

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