Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween! Update

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Maybe some day I'll work up the courage to watch an actual scary movie.  Until then, watching Republican presidential debates is enough.

So what's new?  I'm steadily moving along with writing my second novel, the sequel to my Victorian novel Rage and Regret.  About 300 pages written, not as many as I'd hoped, but still steady progress.  One difficulty is that unlike the first novel, there are about 3-4 distinct plot lines I'm trying to steer to fruition, and not all of them are behaving properly.

At some point soon, I will also need to refocus attention on peddling the first novel.  I had taken a break to focus on writing the second, because peddling a novel is such a job in and of itself, with all of the ups and downs that entails.

I can't pretend that I will have time to update every week as I have in the past.  There's just too much on my plate.  However, I do hope to provide updates 2-3 times a month, on topics that I've written on before: introversion, movie musicals, novels, Victorian everything...

... oh, and Downton Abbey.  Yeah, can't quit the Downton Abbey.  I'll at least have a post summing up the series when it's at an end.