Saturday, January 5, 2013

Update: Blogging Downton Abbey

Just thought that I would give a brief update about my plans to blog Downton Abbey to those who are still interested in reading.  My intention is to have a general post about the show up sometime tomorrow, and then post a critique of each episode the same day the next episode airs.  I don't have enough speed or time, unfortunately, to post a critique soon after each episode airs.

That is my plan anyway.  The reality might end up being a little less organized, owing to two things: an unexpected spike in my work load, and the fact that I'm in the final important chapters of my novel and have had a difficult time writing them.  It is only a draft, but I want everything to be good and believable.  So both of these things might take me more time than expected, which means that I might not get my blog posts out like clockwork.  However, I still intend to critique every episode of Downton Abbey Series Three, and I still intend to post content at least once a week on this blog.

ETA: Of course, when I refer to episodes airing, I mean airing in the United States.  All of the episodes have already aired in the UK, at least.

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