Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

It was so much easier to write long posts when I had more time off.  But anyway, to hit off January, here are some New Year's resolutions:

1.  To start sending query letters again for my novel, and to steel myself for the pain of many rejections...

2.  To write 300 words per day of my sequel novel.  So far easier said than done... I tend to get more writing done on weekends, and have close to 70 pages written.

3.  To make it through a whole episode of Downton Abbey sober.  Rather difficult when you play drinking games based on certain show tendencies...

4.  To not throw things at the screen when I watch sports on television.

5.  To not throw things at the screen when I watch Mad Men's likely unsatisfying conclusion, which is anything other than Don admitting his identity and surrendering himself to the police.  Though at this point, I would settle for Peggy getting a great promotion or starting her own agency.  She hasn't done anything good since Season Four.

6.  To not throw things at the screen when I watch Game of Thrones episodes that cut characters that did not need to be cut, or put existing characters in plot arcs that make no sense.

7.  To stop watching television.

I also have some good stuff lined up for this month.  I plan to do a retrospective of The Legend of Korra (with a lot of The Last Airbender) thrown in, as well as another installment of Through An Introvert's Lens.

Happy New Year!

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