Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Update: I've Alive, I'm Alive, I Am So Alive!

(If you don't know what I'm referencing, check out this video.  Actually, check it out anyway; it's a good song.)

I don't normally go this long without posting my first update of the month.  Nothing is wrong.  The simple truth is that I have been swamped.  My business is growing, which means more time on client files and doing other legal work.  And with regard to my novel, I am in the process of chiseling it down to 120,000 words (at present, nearing 138,000... so a ways to go).  I am also still researching the sequel, and happily getting closer to feeling like I have enough research.

This weekend, I realized I was exhausted.  I needed to vegetate on July 4 and 5.  July 6 I had to spend reading other peoples' works to prepare for my writers groups early this week.  This coming week is brutal, and the following week won't be fun, either.

I hope I'm not whining.  I'm just letting y'all know why I haven't been posting as frequently.  Plus it's summer; the desire to relax is strong.  I will be going on vacation at some point, and may end up posting some "reruns" that you may have forgotten about during the next month or two.

However, I do have at least one brand-new Movie Musical post coming up, as well as another Through an Introvert's Lens (taking on a guilty pleasure from our childhood).  And probably some other good rants along the way.  Stay tuned.

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